Blepharitis Treatments To Stop Eye Inflammation

Blepharitis is a common condition that results in inflammation of the eyelids. This condition is chronic and there is no cure for it. It is difficult to control and you will need to use medicated creams and drops to control the inflammation. If you have this condition you are going to need to manage it. If you don’t want the condition to get worse, you are going to need to try different blepharitis treatments to get it under control.

When the oil glands near the base of your eyelashes get clogged, your eyelids become red and irritated. Your eyes can start to swell and it affects your appearance. Your eyes are going to look red and swollen and they sometimes can turn inwards. Your eyes can sometimes water and feel like something is in them when you have this condition. Your eyelids might look greasy and they could itch. Sometimes the skin flakes and your eyes could be crusty in the morning.

blepharitis treatment

Some people have eyelids that stick together in the morning and you might find that you blink a lot. Your eyes could be more sensitive to light and your eyelashes could even start to fall out. If you are keeping the area clean and you aren’t getting better you will want to visit the doctor.

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If you don’t treat blepharitis, you could start to develop complications. You might start to develop problems with your eyelashes where they grow in the wrong direction or fall out. You could also develop scarring on your eyelids that is noticeable and the edges of your eyelids could start to turn out. You could also experience tearing and dry eyes.

Many people will develop styes which are very painful and noticeable. You could also end up with chronic pink eye. Your corneas could even be injured so it is very important that you get blepharitis treatments to stop the inflammation. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotic creams that will reduce the inflammation and you are also likely to need antibiotic eye drops.

If your blepharitis is very severe you could need oral medication to help control it. Nothing will cure it so you will always need to take medication. Make sure that you keep your eyelids very clean and you can also lightly scrub them. Your eyes will need to have constant attention if you don’t want your blepharitis to get worse.